The Work Training Services Department is dedicated to providing employment supports and services to citizens of all abilities who are seeking to improve their lives.

To do this, a network contractor staff, in a variety of roles, work cooperatively and collaboratively within a comprehensive system that extends to various levels of government as well as community organisations. These roles require navigating interrelated and interdependent layers and complexities of policies, procedures, information, and technological systems.

The scale of the Work Training Services requires the use of a training metaphor that helps learners conceptually navigate the training.

Orion Rises

Orion Rises flickr photo by snowpeak shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

We propose the metaphor of constellations.

The various roles within the organization navigate constellations of star items (topics) which represent both existing (e.g., SharePoint content, User Guides, Change Series, policies) and future training and communication components.

The constellation isn’t a linear training matrix; rather it clusters a variety of training components that are accessed as needed.

The constellations provide a multipronged training solution by allowing a variety of component types (e.g., interactive modules, job aids, Top 5s, challenges, micro-videos– see descriptions) suited to different needs and learning objectives.

The selection of each training component is learner driven, allowing for a range of learning preferences.

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