Collect Activity Across Social Media With Tagboard

f your students are tagging things in different social media services, you might want to give Tagboard a try. It can collect responses by tag from within Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, Vine, Instagram, and Google+, and it generates a Pinterest style visual display.

You can sign in and create an account by using either your twitter, Instagram, or Facebook account. A free account allows you to create just one tagboard, so choose your tag wisely!

By editing the settings, your Tagboard can feature it’s own background image, and offer links to your project site or other social media sites.

featuredOne of the valuable features of Tagboard is that you, as owner, can indicate which content you consider “featured” meaning it is saved to the front page.

This is one way to select the best content to be made easily available to your board visitors.


Featured content on the UDG Agora Tagboard

Featured content on the UDG Agora Tagboard

Tagboard is useful if your students might be sharing media in more than one social media platform, if you want a graphically pleasing visual summary of your activity, and if you want a way to feature selected items.

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